Kite Flying and a Flypast, Norfolk and London - 15th September 1990

A bit of a roundup of several events on the same roll of film: firstly, there's a trip to see Sean at his pad in Farnborough. Then, Geoff and Brenda have some sort of do around their house. Then it's down to London to see the 50th Annivserary of the Battle od Britain flypast, in which 168 aircraft in seven formations overflew Pall Mall. Afterward, Nosher meets up with Sis in Trafalgar Square. Finally, Geoff and Brenda take Nosher out for a day making home-made kites. The event is held on Herbert's farm, a few miles outside Long Stratton.

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Down in Farnborough, Maria flops out on the sofa as Sean flips the bird

Sean does a spot of gurning

Maria does a spot of mowing with the Flymo

Geoff reaches over for a spoon

Brenda looks over

Corky reads something out

Elteb reads something on the wall

Mad Sue raises a glass as Corky looks on

Three VC10 tankers fly past the Mall

Sixteen Panavia Tornadoes do their flypast

The BBMF Lancaster flies past

Sis sits on the wall of the fountains in Trafalgar Square

Sis in front of Nelson's Column

A sunset over the K6 phonebox at Stuston

An evening sky over stuston as seen from Mad Sue's drive

Crispy does some paperwork at Printec in Diss

Kite flying somewhere near Long Stratton

A barbeque is in effect

A late summer picnic/barbeque

The kite flyers show off their home-made efforts

In one of Herbert's old farm sheds is a rusting Ransomes relic

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Down in Farnborough, Maria flops out on the sofa as Sean flips the bird