Printec Karl's Birthday and Clacton Pier, Weybread and Essex - 22nd August 1990

It's Karl, the Printec/BPCC Anglia Web paper buyer's birthday over at Weybread Village Hall. Also, Nosher and Steve-O go for a drive via Colchester to Clacton, for want of something to do.

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Somewhat unflattering, but very 1990s (on account of being allowed to smoke inside!)

Jo, Rachel and Darren

Karl and his dad

Jo, Karl and Rachel

Kelly's boyfriend sticks his head in

Darren Woods pretends to eat a tablecloth for some reason

Kelly and her geezer

Rachel does some funky dancing

Some unusual dance moves occur

More disco moves

Karl inspects his birthday cake

Karl points as a small girl tries to escape

Karl gets the bumps

A few days later, over in Eye, Baz plays a spot of mandolin in the yard of his house on The Rookery

Baz sticks his tongue out as Emily gets her bike out of the shed

Richard comes along with a box on his head

The Suffolk Fire Service swing by on Stuston Common to fill up their engines

Geoff talks to the firemen as they fill their tanks

Bright flowers in a Colchester park

Picturesque river scene in Colchester

Clacton Pier

A Gypsy caravan and a ferris wheel, on Clacton Pier

Gaudy Clacton high street

Harrisons' amusements in Clacton

A Ford Escort trundles past the 'Gaiety Arcade'

The delights of Billy's Casino, Clacton Pier

Units 1 and 2 of the 14-unit Creusot-Loire coldset printing press at Printec

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Somewhat unflattering, but very 1990s (on account of being allowed to smoke inside!)