A Bike Ride to Redgrave, Suffolk - 11th August 1990

Geoff and Brenda arrange for a massed bike ride to take place from Stuston via Palgrave and along to Redgrave and back. Afterwards, there's a bit of a do at their house with a spot of horseshoe hurling, food and cider

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Bikes are prepared

Ready for the off

Corky speeds down Denmark Hil

Brenda on her bike

Derek goes for a bit of bicycle acrobatics

Elteb speeds along

Pausing on the back road to Redgrave, near Wortham

The cyclists catch their breath on Redgrave green

Flaked out in the shelter

Corky and Linda

Brenda passes around some cider

Geoff gives Corky a boot up the arse

Bikes are abandoned all over Redgrave green

A big group shot on Redgrave village green

Elteb lobs a horseshoe

Herbert 'Hands' lobs horseshoes

More hurling

Geoff and Donna

An alternative way to pick stuff up

Donna goes piggy back

Hanging out in the conservatory

Discussions and cider drinking

Elteb and Herbert look at photos of the recent Medieval night

Brenda puts on a massive spread

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Bikes are prepared