Uni: The BABS End-of-Course Ball, New Continental Hotel, Plymouth - 21st June 1989

It's the end of the course (BA Business Studies) and, to celebrate, there's a bit of a do at the New Continental Hotel. Everyone's done up in the requisite tuxedos or suits'n'ties, and there's a spoof awards ceremony in which Bray-feature wins something.

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Kate and Dave

Riki holds up the menu

Andy Grove, Andy Bray, Chris Beard, John Stuart and Riki Stewart

Riki in a tux

John and Angela

Nosher and Angela

Dave and Rebecca

Andy and a cigar

Dave, Chris and Rebecca

One of the lecturers does a speech

Andy Dobie and Kate Solly

Jackie and Andrew Crosbie

Andrew and Beccy

Kate, Dave and Caroline Gage

Alison Rowe, Jackie Collins and Michelle Osborne

Caroline's geezer pours some fizz

Rebecca Drummond-Hall

More awards

Bill Cole (who once suggested that Nosher should quit after the first year) speaks

The gang

Jackie and friend

Andy Bray strides over

Andy picks up an award

Alun Evans gets an award

Andrew and Rebecca have a dance

Dave Masterson and John

Beccy and Riki

Andrew pours some wine

The boys

Caroline Gage and one of the German students

Caroline, Dave and Kate

Angela and Nosher

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Kate and Dave