Uni: A Burrator Bike Ride, Dartmoor - 20th June 1989

On what is probably that last-ever "lads' bike trip" (as it's just about the end of term in the final year), Nosher, Riki, John and Andy cycle up from Plymouth to do the circuit around Burrator resevoir, and stop for lunch and a beer to the Who'd Have Thought It pub in Milton Combe.

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Nosher's bedroom

The winderness that was the back garden

John, Chris and Riki are in Nosher's bedroom drinking Hoffmeister lager

John, Chris and Riki on the lager

Andy Dobie joins the lager drinkers in Nosher's bedroom

John looks at some of Nosher's photos

Talking about stuff

A Dartmoor lamb

The Dartmoor lamb legs it

Andy, John and Riki on the dam at Burrator

Burrator resevoir

Riki on the Burrator dam road

John roams about

Riki contemplates life by the resevoir

Nosher and pilot shades

Andy Bray does Nosher's pilot shades

John, Riki and Andy pause for lunch at the Who'd Have Thought It

Riki with a piece of scampi in his mouth

The edge of the Who'd Have Thought It in Milton Combe

Riki half way up one of Dartmoor's steepest hills, out of Milton Combe

Riki gets his kit off whilst Nosher's bike leans against a fence

John does a bit of stone skimming

Riki and Andy hurl stones in to the resevoir

Bray-feature hurls boulders about

More rock-lobbing

A Dartmoor cottage, somewhere round Burrator

Riki up a hill somewhere

John and Andy on the road around Burrator Resevoir

A babbling Dartmoor stream

A Dartmoor river and a slow shutter

Rik stands on a rock

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Nosher's bedroom