Mike adjusts his Walkman headphones

Mike adjusts his Walkman headphones

Mother and Mike in amongst the Double Guyots

Mother prunes a vine

Mother does some pruning

Bridge over the River Stour, Christchurch

The abbey ruins, Christchurch

Swans on the River Stour, Christchurch

Nosher's bike and the bandstand at Christchurch

Christchurch Priory

Sean, Maria and Hamish in the kitchen

Hamish waggles Geordie's ears

Nosher, Hamish, Sean and Maria in La Dolce Vita

The waiter, and the owner of La Dolce Vita

Sean and a worried-looking Maria at The Willows

Sean and Maria

The Willows after Nosher mows the lawn

Mike and Mother have a spot of tea at The Willows

Sean, Hamish, Geordie and Maria on Wilverly Plain

Hamish lobs a stick for Geordie

The bandstand at Bournemouth

The band pack up

Sean skates around

Sean on the ice at Westover Ice Rink, Bournemouth

Brockenhurst College from the train to London

A mystery seafront