Uni: Gus Honeybun and the Windy Gimli Burger, Plymouth - 17th October 1988

This set of photos documents a sudden leap: from leaving Sewell's Cottages in the depths of the Norfolk countryside, straight to the launch of the "Windy Gimli Burger" down in the Students' Union at Plymouth Poly. Whilst Nosher had been away on placement year, the SU had been busy and had built a "franchise" of the popular Cap'n Jasper's burger bar - as found in Plymouth. John and Dee Dudley (proprietors of Cap'n Jasper's) were there, along with local celebrity rabbit Gus Honeybun and the new SU President Matt "Gimli" Horton to launch the Windy Gimli Burger - probably something to do with beans, no doubt. Nosher actually worked for a while as a burger flipper in the Jasper's franchise, until the smell of fried onions became too much to bear. The experiment didn't last that long either, sadly, although Cap'n Jasper's remains ever-popular in its original home on the Barbican.

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Richard 'Dicky Red' and his girlfriend mess around outside 2 Sewell's Cottages

The Sewell's lounge

Sewell's Cottage from the front

Round the back of the house

Our manicured garden, and Nosher's bike ready to go

Gimli, the SU President and Gus Honeybun

Gimli and Gus's handler share a burger

Gus Honeybun sits on a carrot

Gug's handler looks nonplussed

More fun with Gus

Gus Honeybun, with John and Dee Dudley

Gus gets a burger

The SU security dude gets a go with Gus

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Richard 'Dicky Red' and his girlfriend mess around outside 2 Sewell's Cottages