Oberon the horse lies down

Oberon the horse lies down

Oberon is rugged up

Oberon gets a snack

Oberon gets a pat

Marty roams around

Angela walks around with Marty

Pitt Farm and Marty the dog

Angela walks back to the farmhouse

The back door of Pitt Farm

Tex proudly shows off his tree

Tex in Angela's room

Kate gets frisky with Tex

Angela looks up

Tex has a go at Kate's feet

Kate gets her feet tickled

Nosher looks serious

Angela sits on the floor of her room

Kate pokes Nosher's head

Nosher: boy in grey

Kate collapses in a heap

Kate somehow manages to destroy a lampshade

Tex, looking a bit like Clive Sinclair

Angela sticks a different lens on

Tex, Angela, Jackie and Dobbs are in the SU

Everyone sticks the Vs up in the SU