Bransgore Barbeque and Soman-Wherry Drinks, Dorset and Norwich - 2nd July 1988

Nosher's in transit - firstly down in Bransgore, Dorset for a couple of days, including a bit of a barbeque in the back garden and a night in Capriolo Italian restaurant in Ringwood. Then, it's back to Norwich on the train and some lunchtime dinks with the Soman-Wherry crowd for Jo's birthday

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The Willows

Phil and Anna in the lounge of The Willows in Bransgore

Hamish, Sis, Sean, Maria, Phil, Anna and Florence the cat

Sis, Hamish and the gang

Nosher, Maria and Sean

Phil and Hamish

Sean with a bow tie

Anna and Phil scope the menu

Anna, Phil and Hamish

Sean, Maria and Phil around a post-barbeque burn up

More barbeque fire action

Hamish, Sean, Maria and Phil

Florence the cat in a bed of flowers

Spring flowers

Maria walks through a small clearing in a dark part of the New Forest

The London-Norwich train 'Peter Pan' waits at Norwich station

Valeria, Rachel, Jo and Sue in the Dolphin on Heigham Street

Kevin 'Wide Boy' Molloy and Jo

Valerie and Rachel

Jo and Sue

Valeria and Rachel 'Nobby' Clark

Jo opens a present

Valerie, Rachel, Jo and Sue

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The Willows