Uni: Simon Read's Party, North Road East, Plymouth - 10th October 1986

It's Simon Read's party in a flat off North Hill in Plymouth. Not much can be remembered about this particular event, other than it was clearly a commission (as otherwise there wouldn't be a whole roll of film devoted to it), the memorable soundtrack involved the only-just-released Beastie Boys' "Fight for Your Right (To Party)" and the night finished off with a sleep on a concrete floor on some thread-bare carpet, under some curtains stolen from the window.

Soundtrack for this album:

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The guy on the left could be the eponymous Simon Read, complete with classic triangular 80s cocktail glass...

Mexican wrestler, schoolboy and compulsory bottle of Leibfraumilch

Another classic: a can of Skol

Check out the gnarly wallpaper

Sitting on the stairs is Russell Yeatman, a fellow Brockenhurst College alumnus

Zoë, one of the Psych girlies

Ian Dunwoody with no shirt and funky shades

More 'quality' wine is swigged

Sam Kennedy's girlfriend, and a scuba diver with duck

Yasser, a pirate and a can of bitter

Outside the bogs with some cheapo Spanish duty-free vino

Punk surfer and some Dry Blackthorn Cider

80s schoolgirls (not really)

Zoë from Psychology and her friend

Someone gets his pants out

Martin, from the SU, in disguise

In the kitchen. Note the typical student cupboard: a loaf of bread and a jar of Martmite. And that's it.

Captain Hook

Martin and another dude from the Student Union

Ian Dunwoody in a dress

Ian Dunwoody on the stairs

A Charlie Chaplin

Jean Paul Satre, or something, is discussed over plastic cups of wine

Getting friendly

Head torch

Ian Dunwoody apparently wearing girls' knickers

Someone I used to know dances, whilst several others escape out of the window

Obviously scrapping for the one matress in the whole house

More fancy dress

A bundle at the bottom of the stairs

Dunwoody has a laff

Fishnet stocking face

Not so much fancy dress

Martin at the bottom of the stairs

Zoe has a 1920s bop

Fishnet face

Dancing in the Students' Union

Denver Broncos

Batman's on Dry Blackthorn

Batman looks glum

Halfway up the stairs

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The guy on the left could be the eponymous Simon Read, complete with classic triangular 80s cocktail glass...