Bracken Way, Walkford, Dorset - 15th September 1986

It's the transition from Harvester Way in Lymington - a house rented after the great escape from Ford Cottage, which included sneaking suitcases out of the lounge window and going down to Tunbridge Wells in Kent to stay with Polytechnic mate Dave Lock for a few days - and Bracken Way in Walkford. By this time Nosher had moved out anyway, so none of it really mattered, but Bracken Way was Mother and Mike's first place, and when they bought it it was still very much in its original 1960s set up, with a 60s kitchen and heavy wallpaper everywhere. Nosher would crash in the attic room, apart from the one night after having met former step-dad Andy Campbell in the Plough at Tiptoe, drinking too much with Sean, all going back to Andy's flat in Highcliffe for a take-away curry and drinking whiskey or something, before staggering back to Bracken Way to sleep on the bathroom floor for the night. That would have gone down well if it had been discovered. Mere months later, at the end of summer or thereabouts, Mother and Mike move again to the Willows in Bransgore. In between all of that, Nosher and Hamish wake up at about 4am to head into the New Forest with a hope of getting a photo like the postcards - all morning dew, mist and ponies, but instead we end up in a pine plantation on a dull grey morning

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The lounge doubles up as a bedroom

More grim wallpaper is stripped

A stack of empty boxes leads back to the kitchen

Built-in furniture, 60s or 70s style

The classic kitsch of a 60s or 70s kitchen

Classic 1970s tiles and bathroom

Heavy wallpaper

Mike strips off wallpaper in the lounge

Another corner of the 1970s

The attic room

The louge doubles as a bedroom

The other side of the attic room

Built-in 70s furniture

The almost-stepladder to the attic room

An amazingly-preserved 60s/70s kitchen

Phil ponders something

Hamish's dog Geordie looks all sad

The back of Bracken Way

The little conservatory at Bracken Way

A tuft of foliage on a tall pine tree

A stack of straight pine trees

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The lounge doubles up as a bedroom