Uni: The Navy-Curtiss NC-4 Trans-Atlantic Commemorative Flight, Plymouth Sound - 31st May 1986

A pair of Consolidated PBY-6A "Catalina" flying boats - including C-FOWE, registered to Robert Franks - land in Plymouth Sound to celebrate the anniversay of the Curtiss NC-4 transatlantic flight in 1917 - the first trans-atlantic flight (although not the first non-stop). The original NC-4 flight plan called for a first leg of 864km (540 miles) from the U.S. Naval Air Station at Rockaway Beach, New York, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and then 736km (460 miles) to Trepassey Bay, Newfoundland. The third (long) leg of the flight, from Newfoundland to the Azores, was 2,080km (1,300 miles). The fourth leg, 1,280 km (800 miles) to Lisbon, and the last, 1,240 km (775 miles) to Plymouth, brought the total distance to 6,200 km (3,875 miles) [source: National Air and Space Museum]. The plane suffered some damage when it collided with some buoys in the Sound, but was repaired and flown back to Canada. See here for more photos. This set also includes photos of a Plymouth Sound Radio outside broadcast near the Armada Centre - possibly as part of an opening ceremony for that building (a small shopping mall).

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Andy Bray hangs around with Nosher

The Catalina lines up to land in Plymouth Sound

The Catalina flying boat does a close pass

Catalina C-FOWE - flies over

More flying Catalina action

Touchdown on the water

The Catalina churns up the water as it speeds along

The flying boat comes to a halt

The crowds wait whilst the Royal Marines band plays

The barge pulls up to the steps

The Mayor mounts the Mayflower Steps

The crew is collected from the floating Catalina

The mayoral Rolls-Royce

The second (somewhat overlooked as Nosher had been changing films as it landed) white Catalina bobs around

A RIB buzzes by the racing catamaran 'Anne Claire'

A racing catamaran: Optique Baumont

A tramp has a sleep on the grass in Beaumont Park

Kids play footie in the park

A tramp sleeping by a park bench

A '261 Plymouth Sound' DJ talks to the crowd

The Armada Centre with a Cokin starburst filter

Crowds mill around the newly-opened Armada Centre

A band plays at the Plymouth Sound roadshow at the end of Armada Way

Nosher was clearly obsessed wiuth the view out of the bedroom window at Cromwell Road

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Andy Bray hangs around with Nosher