Uni: A Van Gogh Grant Cuts Protest, Plymouth - 1st March 1986

It's only a few days after the mass anti-Norman Fowler/grant cuts demo in London when, back in Plymouth, there's some follow-up activism in the city centre. It's a joint venture with Plymouth Art College, who have provided someone dressed up as Vincent van Gogh. There's a punch-line placard which reads "Dear Mr. Fowler, what more do you want, an arm and a leg?" in a reference to Vincent having already lost an ear (geddit?). The protest also features one of Nosher's early signwriting efforts, in the form of the title strips on an information board.

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A bloke with a pipe talks to Death on the streets of Plymouth

Someone roams about with a giant pair of scissors

Maggie Thatcher joins in

Someone does an impression of Norman Fowler

Buskers do their thing

A human pyramid is about to form

More political re-enactments

Leaflets about 'How to get your child a future in education' are handed out

Mal Edgeson poses for a photo

Nosher's signwriting effort

Vincent potters around with his palette

SUTV (Students' Union Television) interviews Death

Mal Edgeson's rainbow jumper

Simon Bento and Karen Wilkins

Some kind of sack is hurled around outside Burton

Vincent outside Marks and Spencer

The human pyramid

Weilding oversized scissors

Ta-da! The human pyramid is ready

Sam Kennedy in the Fly offices

Typing up a bit of Fly (the student magazine) on 4' rolls of paper

Mervyn, one of the SU printers

The other printer - Dai Edwards - in the Fly office

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A bloke with a pipe talks to Death on the streets of Plymouth