Brandy looks at the fish pond

Brandy looks at the fish pond

Brandy shakes

Brandy in the garden at Ryles Park Avenue

Brandy sits on the frosty lawn and looks up

A Blue Tit pecks at peanuts

Brandy is admonished for eating tissues

Brandy opens her Christmas present

Brandy chews on her present (a dog chew)

Dad and Maureen

Dad's friend Jack (right) in the Bollington Cock

Jack and Maureen

Behind the bar in the Cock at Bollington

Dad's mate Jack

Maureen and Sis pull a cracker

Sis and Brandy

Brandy the dog

The Old Chap takes Brandy for a walk

The Old Chap opens the front door

Brandy lurks in the kitchen

Brandy flakes out

Brandy in her basket

Brandy looks up

Brandy scopes around of unattended food

Sis with Brandy

A sparrow on the bird feeder

Maureen, with the Old Chap and his mother

The Old Chap's mother - Ivy

Sis and Nosher

The Old Chap with Norman

Nosher in a family photo

Norman and his wife

Sis on the carpet

Maureen has a laff

There's a game of Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit action

Sis with a cousin

The Old Chap picks a question

The old chap and his glasses

More family

A family photo

Graham maybe