Brock College Exams and Randomness, Brockenhurst - 10th June 1985

A bit of Brockenhursst College randomness, mostly as it's time for the A-Level Business Studies exam, where some of Nosher's group are hanging around outside the main hall waiting for the exam to start. Then, the CB gang (in the shape of Nosher "Golden Nugget" and Brian "Jet Ranger") go over to Freshwater on the Isle of Wight to visit Jayne and Julian. Finally, Phil's family is out for a bit of fresh air on Hengistbury Head, near Christchurch

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Florence 'Fleabag' swipes at something on a string

Some attempt at an arty photo of sunglasses

A blackbird steals some mog-nosh scraps from Florence's bowl

Mother, Sis, Neil and Caroline in the East Close Hotel restaurant near Holmsley

A giant moth

Tim (?), Robert Pereira and Lise Clayton outside our Physics classroom

It's Kevin's (3rd from left) birthday - we end up on the sea wall at Mudeford

Florence takes a nap

Anne, Paula, Sue Carver, Lise Clayton, Ray Mitchell and Anna Green, just before our A Level Business Studies exam

Ray gives the thumbs up as it's time for our exam

Anna's sister, Nikki, plays with Sally the dog


Florence has her claws out

Sunset over the Solent, as seen from the Lymington-Yarmouth Ferry

Brian, Jayne 'Hot Lips' Lodowski and Clare

Julian 'Martian Rocker', Jayne 'Hot Lips', ?, Brian 'Jet Ranger', ?

Carol looks at a goose

Anna, Phil and Berenice on Hengistbury Head

Anna swings from the monkey bars

Phil, Anna, Berenice and a bunch of others

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Florence 'Fleabag' swipes at something on a string