The Lymington Carnival, Hampshire - 17th June 1985

Sean's work's float - the Jolly Mac, a pirate ship built by McCarthy and Stone of New Milton - is also in the Lymington Carnival, so Nosher tags along to take some photos, a few weeks after a similar appearance in the New Milton version.

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The McStone Jolly Mac

Sean and the McCarthy and Stone posse

The crowds wait for the carnival on Lymington High Street

The Everton FC float

Some pirate girls

The procession heads up the High Street

Big crowds on the High Street

A unicyclist

Scene on the High Street

A crocodile talks to a beat copper

Anna and Phil in the crowds

The McCarthy and Stone lorry negotiates a traffic island

Another pirate ship

McStone's pirates

Nosher's old Brock College mate Alastair (otherwise known as Steve)

A bunch of dalmatians

The crocodile gives an old geezer some change

Carnival action around the Kings Arms

The Midland Bank griffin accosts a traffic warden

A tractor and a bunch of milling playing cards at the top of the High Street

A McCarthy and Stone pirate

McStone pirate and balloons

A blurry but colourful fairground

At Bournemouth carnival, a vintage Rolls-Royce

The McStone's captain kisses Miss Bournemouth 1985

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The McStone Jolly Mac