Florence 'Fleabag' swipes at something on a string

Florence 'Fleabag' swipes at something on a string

Some attempt at an arty photo of sunglasses

A blackbird steals some mog-nosh scraps from Florence's bowl

Florence lounges about

Sally the Spaniel does a trick

Mother, Sis, Neil and Caroline in the East Close Hotel

A giant moth

Tim (?), Robert Pereira and Lise Clayton outside our Physics classroom

It's Kevin's (3rd from left) birthday on the sea wall at Mudeford

Florence takes a nap

Florence gets a scratch on the head

Anne, Paula, Ray Mitchell, Sue Carver, Anna Green and Lise Clayton

Ray gives the thumbs up as it's time for our A-Level Business Studies exam

Anna's sister, Nikki, plays with Sally the dog

Liz gives the hairy eyeball

Sunset over the Solent, as seen from the Lymington-Yarmouth Ferry

Brian, Jayne 'Hot Lips' Lodowski and Clare

A blurry but tantalising photo of a harbour

Julian 'Martian Rocker', Jayne 'Hot Lips', ?, Brian 'Jet Ranger', ?

Florence has her claws out

Carol looks at a goose

Carol, Anna and Phil look at elephants

Elephants at Cricket St. Thomas

Anna, Phil and Berenice on Hengistbury Head

Anna swings from the monkey bars

Phil, Anna, Berenice and a bunch of others