Nosher's 18th Birthday, Barton on Sea, Hampshire - 26th May 1985

It's the final year of college, and Nosher gets a Pentax K1000 for his birthday, making these the first photos - aside from the odd holiday roll on a Boots Instamatic in the early 80s and a few black and white rolls on a borrowed camera from Brockenhurst College - in a continuing sequence spanning at least 225,000 photos (in 2020). The day started somewhat gloomily, with early thunderstorms, but brightened up just in time for the arrival of the gang to Ford Cottage, Meadow Way in Barton on Sea.

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Anna and Phil

Anna Green

Anna and Florence the cat

Liz with her eyes closed

Sis, Jon 'The Hair', Sean and Liz

Sis, Jon, Sean and Liz again

Caroline with Florence

Martin Fairhurst fluffs a croquet shot

People mill around playing croquet

Andy climbs a stepladder to referee a controversial shot

Andy clears some grass out of the way for Neil's shot

Andy Campbell plays croquet

Andy picks a croquet ball out of the pond

Andy and Sis are head-to-head on the croquet

Andy considers a home-made barbeque shelter

Sean, Clare, Andy and Martin

Grandmother pokes around

Ando pokes some barbeque food

Mother with a ciggie on

Sis plays with Florence

A spot of birthday lunch

Florence roams around looking for scraps

Florence gets a scrap

Nosher on the bench

Nosher pops some fizz

Caroline, Sis, Neil and Andy drink some champagne

Garden milling around

Clare Campbell and Martin Fairhurst

Mother, Grandmother, Carloine, Sis, Neil and Andy

Nosher in the family group photo

Group photo

Another group photo

Nosher joins the group photo

Biddles the Moog gets a scratch

Grouped in the lounge

Mother, Sis, Clare, Andy and a bleached-out Liz and Phil

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Anna and Phil