The Marlborough on Sea Road is still derelict

The Marlborough on Sea Road is still derelict

No dogs are allowed inside this derelict squat

Saltwater Fish and Chips is doing well

Isobel and Harry walk along a wet Sea Road

Manning's - built in the 1940s in a 30s style

Isobel and Harry are a bit wet

A mad discount random food stall

Random detritus

Someone scopes out the knock-down food on offer

It's definitely an umbrella day

Harry and Isobel look at more stuff

Someone strides around in the rain

The Billy's Meats van isn't doing much trade

Isobel and Harry in the rain again

We wait for Harry's Macaroni Cheese

Donuts and Cheeseburgers on a wet day

Harry looks around as we head back to the car

Fantasia amusements definitely isn't

The outdoor table-tennis isn't doing much