A generically-named estate in Stowmarket

A generically-named estate in Stowmarket

It's the Palgrave Players' wrap party

Harry, Fred and Grace do devices

Jo and Suzanne chat

Will does a bit of karaoke

A disco light does its thing

Soph the Roph joins in with karaoke

Clive plays his new piano

Nicola holds the laptop up for the singers

Soph does a nice bit of piano playinkg

Sophie and Fred do a karaoke moment

Isobel and Suzanne have a go

Bright green moss on a tree stump

There are some Scarlet Elf Cup mushrooms out

A derelict building near Eye Town Moors

Anita-Tree is still growing

Down by the pond in Town Moors woods

Balls of mistletoe in a tree

We walk past a possibly-derelict bungalow

Isobel cleans her boots in a puddle

The stop/start house rebuild has stopped again

The front of the house on Lowgate Street

An impressive front door on Castle Street

Isobel peers into the old Shurey butchers

Inside Shurey's Butchers

The old fire station on Magdalen Street

A derelict building that says 'public gallery'

Diss Food and Wine has an interesting roof

An interesting house on Church Street in Diss

Stained glass in St. Mary's, Diss

The nave window in St. Mary's, Diss

Isobel strides past the Saracen's Head

A sign for the Parish Fields woodland walk

P-51D Marinell has come back for a flying visit

Isobel busts the budget in an Eye charity shop