The boys get some sort of snack in Morrisons café

The boys get some sort of snack in Morrisons café

Harry hides from the camera

Harry does more hiding in Morrisons

Fred looks at the flooded Mere in Diss

We have a look in the cactus shop in marketplace

It's blowing a bit of a gale on Mere Street

Harry's caught in the act outside the Co-op in Eye

We're at Tranmer House in Sutton Hoo

Harry rummages around in a finds tray

Isobel looks in a nice wooden cabinet

There's a cool Lego version of the Sutton Hoo mask

Harry hangs around near some Lego

Fred makes an origami parrot

There's a nice reading room, which was once a chapel

Harry by the Lego table

Fred's still doing origami

Harry stands on a cool carved tree trunk

A representation of the Saxon ship at Sutton Hoo

The tide is out on the Deben at Woodbridge

Harry peers into the mud

A Saxon-style boat down by the Woodbridge Tide Mill

On the River Deben at Woodbridge

Fred scopes out the menu in Woodyard Pizza

Isobel carries around some pizza leftovers

Harry looks surprised in a D&D shop next door

Harry buys some more Pokémon stuff in Woodbridge

There's a train on the platform at Woodbridge

We're back at Sutton Hoo in the dusk

Harry grins in the boat skeleton

We read a clue as part of the 'escape room'

More Puzzlequest solving goes on

The 'heorta' is returned to its casket

Isobel and Fred

A family group photo

The lad from the other team waves a dagger around