It's quiet on Church Street in Eye

It's quiet on Church Street in Eye

Amandines has got a nice bottle display going on

The high-level water mark is under water at the Mere

A cormorant has got a fish

There's a pigeon explosion at the Mere

A damp Mere Street in Diss

Isobel looks for fruit and veg at the market

The greengrocer's stripey tunnel

It's wet out on the fields towards Eye

Isobel looks out over the new housing estate site

More little boxes are slapped up

Generic houses on the new housing estate

Isobel stumps off around the fields

A dead tree trunk in the long grass

An original perimiter road on Eye Airfield

Pylon re-wiring pulleys

A builder's van piles through floodwater

The gas terminal at Eye Airfield

Isobel roams around near the turbines

A pile of building junk on the airfield

The new gas power station is being built

One of the old WWII buildings near Permastore

A disused entrance to the airfield

Isobel chats to some sheep