A frosty path, on the way to the church

A frosty path, on the way to the church

The partly-frozen pond

An old lawnmower has stuff growing in the bucket

The old Victorian hothouses

The Earl's summerhouse is sadly closed for repairs

A derelict garden shelter

Isobel takes a photo of the lake

A view of the bulrushes and the lake

Icicles on a protruding branch

The holiday cottage behind the lake

Isobel looks around

The Earl's summerhouse

Shorn sheep and the Ickworth Rotunda

A gnarly dead tree trunk

Isobel in the woods

The orangery has returned to its original purpose

Preservation in the Pompeiian room

The tourguide explains some preservation processes

The Pompeiian room in Ickworth House

A nice marble statue

We're in a state dining room

One of the impressive chandeliers

A carpet underlay is sewn together in the library

The fireplace in the library

We get an introduction to old book cleaning

Back in the entrance hall

Big columns in Ickworth Hall

We have a quick snack in the café

Isobel pokes around in the shop