The band plays a panto number

The band plays a panto number

Mario on keyboards

Fred has a moment of ennui

We move the banner to outside the school

We stick one of the signs up by the village hall

Harry with his Chamberlain wig on

Mario on keyboards again

The Dove Players panto band group photo

Nosher on drums

It's another day of rehearsals

Fred's hanging around again

Isobel roams around in the village hall

Nicola sets up the SumUp terminal

Part of the set is rolled up

We start putting all the seats out

The view from Nosher's drum kit

Joe and George - the guitar section

Harry gets a bit of make-up done

Fred does Origami with cat ears on

All the chairs are out and numbered

Holly applies some glitter to Isobel's cheek

There's a sound check with the radio mics

Isobel does her sound check

Fairy Nightingale on the stage

Will - as Gruesome - does a compedy gurn

Helen dishes out the pizzas

Fred looks like he's up to something

Fred roams around with some of Will's hot sauce

There's a karaoke moment

Harry shows off his medal

Isobel gets a bouquet of flowers

There's a bit more karaoke going on

ALice gives it some with the singing

Mario roams around just before a performance

Fred eats an ice cream behind the drum kit