Bruce is up a ladder hanging lights

Bruce is up a ladder hanging lights

There's a very shivery dog outside the town hall

Isobel scopes out the country market

There are some cool fish in an art exhibition

A view from inside The Handyman in Eye

There's a tiny donkey display called Mini Donks

Isobel roams around in a tiger costume

The scene on Broad Street

Looking up to The Bank

Inside the Hexagon - the former Barclays Bank

The old bank still has a cool vault in a wall

There's a lot of smoke going on

Harry eats his hog roast roll

There's already a queue at the hog roast

A Park Radio DJ plays some tunes

The Mayor of Eye does some speaking

The Christmas Tree is switched on

There's a big crowd outside the Co-op

The snow machine is in action again

Fake snow falls from the sky

People mill around inside the Handyman

Teaming hordes outside the town hall

The Scouts in action

There are all sorts of stalls inside the town hall

Gazebos on Broad Street

Francis pushes his bike through the crowds

People sit ouside Caféye

Bruce is collecting some ring doughnuts

Doughnuts bob around in hot oil

The gang look at Christmas stuff

The Dutch organ dude is doing his thing

The back of a fire engine

Santa's got his trousers down