Graffiti along the bottom of the HMSO building

Graffiti along the bottom of the HMSO building

Plants grow up through the concrete in places

The bowels of the HMSO building

Anglia Square is also looking derelict

A concrete footpath to Anglia Square

Street art on a shuttered shop

The closed-down Peter's Family Butcher

Another view of Peter's butcher

The back of the Hollywood cinema in Anglia Square

A former car showroom, and distressed sign

Inside the derelict showroom

A view of the HMSO building

The old Turner's Shoes on Edward Street

Fading graffiti on a wall

Graffiti on a back alley, with bins

Silver tags in an Edward Street car park

Toke and Cones tags

More wall art in the car park

Another group of tags, with an extra raccoon

A bright pink tag, with some sort of jelly blob

Something like an evil Sonic the Hedgehog

Broke and Hoax

More car-park graffiti

Some older wall art blends in with nature

A crumbling wall, and the crumbling HMSO building

A graffiti dog looks out over the car park

Back at the HSMO building

St. Augustine's Church, on the eponymous street

St. Augustine's Street

Green algae all over the HSMO's glass

An old silver tag in another car park

Gildengate House on Cherry Lane

The entrance to HSMO

The City Gates church is surrounded by despair

Fresh graffiti on the HSMO building

More dereliction near a car washing business