The set-painting continues at Garboldisham

The set-painting continues at Garboldisham

Isobel touches up the Boulangerie walls

Holly paints red nipples on fake cakes

Isobel and the set painters in action

Even the village hall kitchen is fancy

The stage at Garboldisham village hall

Isobel and the painters take a break

The set is coming together nicely

The restored and rejuvenated Garboldisham Fox

The Marquis and the Priest have a meeting

Marquis, Teacher and Priest

There's a rendition of 'If it wasn't for you'

Pom Pom, the comedy cat, makes an appearance

The villagers sing another number

A song about soft, warm bread

Geneviève holds up a basket of bread

Isobel looks around

It's interval time in the village hall

Fred (hidden by a music stand) and the band

The three 'nieces'

Aimable, the baker, outside the boulangerie

Suzanne, Isobel and Holly

Isobel does some more singing

Fred checks his phone after the gig

Isobel chats to the audience