Chairs are unstacked

Chairs are unstacked

Fred and Amelia watch the proceedings

Clive checks the running order

Grandad's old mobility scooter gets an outing

Royal British Legion dudes with flags

Fred's handing out service orders

Milling throngs outside the Oaksmere

A veteran sits and waits

Flag bearers march up the Oaksmere's avenue

The USAF march up to the memorial

One of the relatives does a reading

The memorial is unveiled

Isobel watches as the servicemen's names are read

Isobel reads the names of the civilian casualties

Old Glory is unfurled

An enormous Suffolk Punch clops up the avenue

Flags are lowered for a two-minute silence

A couple of re-renactors appear in uniform

The horse at the memorial

Fred looks up

Fred and the Hartismere posse

A selection of poppy wreaths

The RAF dude takes a photo of the memorial

The re-enactors talk someone through their gear

Isobel gets a coffee in the Oaksmere

In the Oaksmere's restaurant

The Brome village committee, and Ginny Maning, vicar

A view from the restaurant

Clive gets interviewed by Alex Dunlop of BBC East

More ex-military dudes by the memorial

The relations return with the folded flag

The POW-MIA guy meets the horse

A mostly-relative group by the memorial

Isobel and one of the relatives

A group photo with the Suffolk Punch

The horse tries to eat the tree

The awesome Suffolk Punch clops back up the avenue

Alex Dunlop chats to Clive

Another group photo

The MIA-POW flag is furled up

Clive chats to someone in the Oaksmere

Alex Dunlop is caught eating cake

Clive's in the middle of it all

US airmen on the control tower at Thorpe Abbots

Steve in a Thorpe Abbots Nissen hut

The visitors listen to an introduction

Podcast Dude interviews a relative

The two airmen look out from the control tower roof

The airmen chat to a museum volunteer

A view of the Thorpe Abbots museum site

More chatting in the control tower

A telephone exchange

There's a tea break in the museum

A Wright Cyclone engine restoration project

The airmen head to the Nissen hut

A Luftwaffe photo is matched up in a reference book

A 351st plaque made out of granite

One of the former airfield buildings

There's a podcast interview on the control tower

A view of the perimeter track, then and now

A nice collection of A-2 flying jackets

More of the museum collection at Thorpe Abbots

A re-enactor shows some old photos to a relative

The relatives pose for a photo in the museum

Pieces of the original runway are given to the family

Clive looks at some more books

Fred in the Oaksmere

Isobel and Suzanne chat