A derelict building near Mandraki harbour

A derelict building near Mandraki harbour

The boat's gang plank

The Guns of Navarone rock

Harry looks out in Anthony Quinn Bay

Isobel and other passengers go for a swim

Passengers are on the lookout for dolphins

A dolphin does its thing

Another dolphin heads towards the boat

A view of the acropolis of Lindos

A tourist struggles onto a donkey

The beach parasols of Lindos

More tourists on donkeys

The Chapel of Saint George Pahimahiotis

Another donkey group heads up the hill

The 180BC Rhodian trireme bas-relief

Carvings on part of the original stoa

A stone room with some archaeological bits

Isobel and the boys sit on a rock

The 4th-century Propylaea, or gatewy

The remains of the church of St. John

The remains of the Hellenistic Stoa

A view over the town of Lindos

The blue waters of the Aegean

A large swallowtail butterfly floats around

The temple of Athena Lindia, from 300BC

More Greek columns

There's an orange-juice bar near the acropolis

A nice view on the path back down

The whitewashed buildins of Lindos

Plant pots on some steps

An invisible cat of Lindos

Harry plays around with his ice

Another view of St. George Pahimahiotis

The view from the Ginger Terrace café

A view over Pallas Beach

A makeshift shed in a cave

The boys look for swimming gear

The crystal-clear waters of the bay

The boat stops off at another swimming spot

Someone leaps off the boat

Fred hurls himself in

The boat Triton, back at Mandraki harbour

We find a whole pile of kittens in a flowerbed

Isobel's on Georgiou Papanikolaou

Fred points at the old Imperial Hotel wreck

The Finnish karaoke bar, Suomalainen Ravintola

The boys are on the beach for another sunset

The boys, with the Mitsis Grand in the background

The sunset becomes an Instagram moment

The sun kisses the horizon

We're in the 'tiny guitar' shop down the road

Harry peers out for the boys' room

The backstreet behind the hotel

Isobel waits at the end of a long corridor

Another bombed-out apartment block

A restaurant has a vegan forcefield in action

More destroyed-looking apartments

The sun goes down over the Aegean

Isobel sits on a wall and does phone stuff

A plane comes in to land at Diagoras airport

We visit a shrine in the cliff

The sky goes pink over Akti Miaouli

The sun has set

We walk back to the hotel

A Greek flag on the beach

Huts on the beach

A view over Nikiforou Mandilara

It's time for white wine on the balcony

Nosher flakes out for a bit

Harry at the evening buffet

Ouzo and Espresso Martinis by the pool bar

The boys are in the games room

Fred does a racing game

Fred watches the entertainment

Some sort of dancing occurs

Our hotel room

We hang out at the pool bar, killing time

A Rhodian pay phone

Isobel scopes out the 'tiny guitar' gift shop

A small cat roams around

A dude on a moped feeds the cats with catfood

Cats eat from a pile of tinned catfood on the ground

Loads of jars of honey

Some dude makes jewellry at a roadside stall

We head off into the old town for the last time

The fridge magnets are very good value in Rhodes

We stop off for a last drink at Niki's Place

Fred wanders past some weird mannequins

One of the many city gates

Fred finds a shop that has a good range of cubes

Isobel checks out a Rubik's cube

An artist paints a scene

A derelict cocktail bar

The boys walk past a wrecked building

Traveland has long since closed up

Isobel and Harry on the beach for a last swim

More pink skies of the sea

Sunset over the Mitsis Grand hotel

Some late-night swimmers bob around

The boys hang out in our 'shower room'

Fred and Isobel get last-minute drinks at the bar

Harry plays stuff on his phone

Diagoras Departure lounge at night

It's quiet now the rowdy gobshites have gone