We trundle off towards the terminal

We trundle off towards the terminal

The gang wait for Nosher to actually lock the car

We get a go in the 'Escape Lounge' at Stansted

It's off on the train to Gate 6

Fred has a moment of ennui

Someone has a sense of humour

It's Harry's turn to look bored

Same plane as usual, different livery

Stansted's fire engines are all out

Another plane looks like a missile above the clouds

We've arrived at Diagoras airport in Rhodes

It's quiet at Diagoras arrivals

Harry heads down the long corridors of the hotel

Our first all-inclusive drinks of the holiday

It's quite the operation in the restaurant

It's the first breakfast in Greece

We scope out the hotel's games room

Isobel and the boys float in the Mediterranean

Fred pokes around in the 'everything' shop

We head off for an explore

A 1930s building, which is now an aquarium

An enormous cruise ship dominates the harbour

There's a Love Lock window thing going on

The fort of St. Nicholas in Mandraki Harbour

Fred roams the tat shops of Rhodes old town

A cat lurks amongst silk scarves

The Virgin cruise ship lurks behind a city gate

A Rhodian street

A cat looks guilty about something

Harry shows off one of his new Pokémon cards

Inside Island Lipsi/Niki's Place on Agessandrou

Isobel looks up at Niki's Place

There's a wall of fridge magnets on a side street

One of the millions of shops in the old town

The Suleiman Mosque at the top of Sokratous

The boys find more cats to interact with

A lone cat roams some ancient ruins

We head off to the castle

The Palace of the Knights of Rhodes

Two women look at a wall inscription

A cat gets fed scraps from a window above

There's an Arabic inscription above a city gate

A pigeon sits on a hole in the wall

Another 1930s Italin building

A derelict apartment block and supermarket

We head back to the lobby of the Mitsis Grand

Isobel on the beach

The boys work on trashing their room

There's a nice view from the Italian restaurant

We're in the hotel's Italian restaurant for dinner

There's an enormous wood-fired pizza oven

Harry has a little sleep on the table

The adjacent restaurant does a late-night buffet

A young BBs fan roams the corridors

There's entertainment every night at the hotel

Someone gets a photo with the band after the gig

Renting a car's not the best time to push limits

An evening view from our balcony

KiKA's bonkers Bernd das Brot - Bernd the bread

The derelict Imperial Hotel on Georgiou Papanikolaou

The awesome Imperial Hotel from the late 1960s

The alley besides the Imperial Hotel, Rhodes

Hands up for a mannequin in a rubble sack

Some derelict 1930s architecture

A mosque near Evdomis Mertiou

One of many submarine boats trundles around

We walk the pier to the Rhodes windmills

One of the traditional windmills of Rhodes

A view of St. Nicholas fort

A fountain in the old town

Isobel finds a very wiry kitten

A very rustic house

Some ruins in one of the few quiet areas

An old house in Athenas

A pile of old ruins

A cat sits with us in Socratus Gardens

We stop for a large beer

A bright yellow house near Sokratous Gardens

Another cat roams the streets of Rhodes

It's possible to find some quiet streets

Isobel and Harry do the buffet dinner

Harry and Isobel in the lobby of the Mitsis Grand

Tonight's entertainment is a guitarist

The boys make a mockery of the laundry bag idea

A derelict apartment block

Isobel and Harry hang around on a boat

A view from the other side of St. Nicholas

The boat skipper has a good range of icons

There are loads of fish in the sea

Fred and Isobel in the Yellow Submarine

A diver floats by with a lobster

Isobel gets a phone photo

The diver makes some cool bubble rings

Harry and Fred look at the sea life

The famous Rhodes deer statue in Mandraki harbour

We're back at Island Lipsi for a drink

It's busy on Sokratous

A pink elephant

A church on Nikiforou Mandilara

Isobel crosses Ionos Dragoumi

A shop and apartment block look bombed out

An evening view from the balcony

Isobel and Harry are in the Pan-Asian restaurant

The Supermarket Kahlua at night

We stop for a beer in the Finnish karaoke bar

Someone sings a Finnish song

There's a traditional dancing demonstration

A dance about a drunk unkle at a wedding

A dude plays a Cretan lyre

There's more traditional dancing at the hotel

A cat walks onto a boat for a look

There's a tiny kitten in a tree

A helmetless dude on a moped

The Rhodian Goat on a Stick

The pirate ship sails around Fort of St. Nicholas

People on the beach

The sun sets over the Mediterranean

A fishing boat heads back to Mandraki Harbour

Harry gets a cuddle

The Blue Star ferry heads out to Turkey

The lighthouse of Fort St. Nicholas

The Palace of the knights is lit up