Harry and Isobel pootle about on the lake

Harry and Isobel pootle about on the lake

Isobel and Harry look out to sea at Snettisham

Wooden houses on the beach

Toppers and other dinghies are out in a stiff breeze

Snettisham beach on a windy day

Roaming around on a windy beach

We head off back down the track to Beach Road

The Snettisham Beach and Chip Shop

One of the campsite's static vans (not really)

Harry by the campsite 'shop'

We hang out by the van at Diglea campsite

It biblically lashes it down for a while

Reaching out for the camera

Fred sits around in the awning

We visit the pudding van

The slightly-scary campsite clubhouse

There's a nice MG Roadster at Brancaster Staithe

The tide is well out at Brancaster Staithe

Harry's got some cool shades on

The gang are at the Crab Hut for some cockles

Harry looks at his tub of cockles

A squadron of Topper dinghies

Derelict fishing boats

A collection of well-used buildings

Another derelict fishing boat or tender

Harry, Isobel and Fred

Looking across the marshes

Fred takes a photo

Someone does a painting of the marshes

Fred looks around

Semi-derelict sheds

A boat's bow lurches out of the marshes

Fred and Isobel walk along the path

A boat with a broken back

Big skies over the marshes of Brancaster

Harry's taking photos on his new phone

Whitewashed windows

Three black labradors mill around

A 1950s Chevrolet pickup

A front view of the MG Roadster

A seagull perches on an old wooden post

The boys on the beach at Holme next the Sea

Isobel has a paddle in the sea

Fred waves

Fred looks at baked goods in Lidl, near Heacham

We roam Lidl looking for randomness

Isobel's on the phone

We try out the next door campsite's bar

Harry's playing pool

Isobel and Fred are playing Spit

The 1980s time-capsule that is Beach Park's lounge

Harry and Fred in the function room

Outside Beach Park bar and café

Table footie in Diglea's chaotic clubhouse

The Device Boys are at it again

We stop off for a van picnic at Lynford Stag

Harry's still in his pyjamas

The boys climbs around on the rocks

We head of for a walk in the forest

Harry wanders the path

We turn left by a clearing in the forest

The boys find a nice tree

Fred finds another upside-down iridescent beetle

We walk back to the van