We hang out in the car park at Dunwich

We hang out in the car park at Dunwich

Harry follows Tia the dog around

A small boat is put out to sea

We hang out on the gravelly beach of Dunwich

It's time to head off to the pub

We walk to the Ship Inn at Dunwich

Isobel and Caroline are at the bar

The lounge of the Ship Inn, Dunwich

Fred and Harry lurk by the bar

John and Zack move a table around

Tia the dog stands up for Harry

Tia's dancing on two legs

Harry and the boys mess around with the dog

The Last Grave in Dunwich, from 1796

Harry and Isobel near the ruins of Greyfriars

John does a bit of dog training

Lucas in the ruins of Greyfriars

Fred and Harry look at the doge

We walk into the woods near Cliff House

A Queen Elizabeth platinum jubilee bench

A cute cottage called Babyfriars

Dunwich's disappearance is discussed in the museum

There's a bit of swimming in the sea

Tia on the beach

Harry interacts with the dog

Fred pokes Harry with his new-found tape measure

We head off from the beach

It's closing time at the Dunwich café