Harry as Robin Hood, and Disco Dave, are ready

Harry as Robin Hood, and Disco Dave, are ready

One of Fred's old jam-jar labels re-appears

The 100-acre barley field is harvested

Lucy Cat attacks a nearby boot

The combine offloads into a waiting trailer

There's a crowd outside the garage bar

Sylvia's in the dining room

Apple and Wavy are in the bar

There's a crowd in the dining room

Pip and Apple get some food

Soph and Alice scope the table out

Sylvia gets the cake out

Jill and Colin chat to Phil and Paul

Party conversation

Adrian roams around at the Three Horseshoes

Fred and the Gislingham Silver Band

Adrian chats to Harriet and David

Fred gives the hairy eyeball

Harry and Isobel chat to Fred

The Three Horseshoes in North Cove

The old Lowestoft Road just stops

The church of St. Botolph in North Cove

The nave of St. Botolph

Some of St. Botolph's 14th-century wall paintings

The mediaeval wall paintings of St. Botolph

The point where the old Lowestoft road ends

The band leaves after the gig

Fred wanders around

Harry pretends to be a vicar

More of the mediaeval wall paintings

Some old stained glass

Fred plays a bit of flute in the graveyard

A fenced-in memorial

Harry and Isobel poke around in the graveyard