We head into the 12th-century Oxenham Arms

We head into the 12th-century Oxenham Arms

There's a stone cat guarding the door

The 5,000-year-old Menhir at the heart of the hotel

Fred and Isobel cube whilst Harry draws a picture

A portrait of Mary Oxenham follows us around

A bust of Charles Dickens up the hotel's stairs

A suit of armour guards the dining room

A Roman stone props up another part of the building

Walking back under sodium lights

We have another drink in the King's Arms

A death warrant for the execution of Charles I

The church of St. Mary's in Throwleigh

A view from Sis's putative new house

Stained glass in St. Mary's Throwleigh

Some ancient stone construction

Sis roams around the nave of St. Mary's

A view up the road to South Zeal

A classic car rots in the street, intestate

Fred looks at chillis at the SDCF

More chillis in the plant nursery

Fred roams around by a polytunnel

The South Devon Chilli Farm shop

Harry looks at the fish in Ma'ida restaurant

The arcade in Okehampton

A closed-down takeaway on St. James Street

The Kings Arms on St. James Street

The site of the Pig Pen in Okehampton

Ma'ida on Fore Street

We wait for our food in Ma'ida

St. Michael's on Fore Street

Inside St. Michael's Church

Fred reads the guest book in the church

A sculpture on a house in Park Row

The cottage has some cute paper models of Chagford

Isobel heads back for more bags as we pack the car

Isobel and Harry buy some stuff in M&S

Exeter Services is much quieter than Monday

Fred scoffs a big doughnut

The back of a big Costa sign

A quiet Exeter Services

One of the Gridserve chargers gets fixed

Fred gets a photo of Harry on his tablet

Fred's photo of the A303

A Fred photo of Stonehenge, through the wires

Harry by the charger at Fleet Services North

We cross the link bridge to Pizza Express

A line of mid-lane tossers on the M3

Pizza Express's kitchen area

Fred lurks outside WHSmith

Harry watches M3 traffic from the link bridge

We stride around Fleet North

A view from a Costa at Fleet Services

The boys play a game at Gridserve Chelmsford

The car charges away at Gridserve

We eat ice creams

Isobel heads back to the car

Fred spots a Twatla with an almost-Tesla plate