The boys do some drawing in the lounge

The boys do some drawing in the lounge

We stop off at Stuston Farm shop - once Peacocks

There's a commotion outside Dolphin House in Diss

The corner of Dolphin House had been on fire

Firemen mill around and survey the scene

A police car blocks off Church Street

It's the last few days of M&Co on Mere Street

There's some sort of construction at Mere's Mouth

McColl's in Eye has finally been emptied

Harry and his posse play cards

Harry outside McDonald's in Chantry Place

Harry's gang after completing the escape room

Milling around in the foyer at Escape Hunt

The party posse queues up for bubble tea

The very-closed Ed's Easy Diner

The retro Ed's Easy Diner

A line of red faux-leather diner booths

Hanging around the almost-empty Chantry Place

Down in the bowels of Chantry Place