Another pub bites the dust

Another pub bites the dust

A derelict pub on the roundabout

The Burrell Museum's impressive shed

Isobel at the bar of the Bell Inn

One of the Thetford Bell's rooms

The impressive main bar of the Bell Inn

An architecturally-interesting corridor

One of the rarer postboxes: an Edward VII

A butcher plays on the Dads Army connection

Curious bells near Boots on King Street

An empty shop on King Street

The Green Dragon, and the tables of Wetherspoon

The British Legion building on Market Place

Dads Army mural on the back of the Carnegie Rooms

The Dads Army museum and the Carnegie Rooms

Isobel roams around the Market Place

A memorial on the Market Place

A quintessential 1950s Post Office

The shops of King Street in Thetford

Tanner Street, with Lloyds Bank

A golden statue of local boy Thomas Paine

The Bell Inn - our lunch-stop location

Checking out the kebab shops of White Hart Street

An alleyway off White Hart Street

Isobel in an underpass beneath London Road

Two Isobels in a dodgy underpass subway

We have a look around Thetford Priory

The ruined nave of Thetford Abbey

The old Abbott's House

Isobel looks at some more ruins

More ruins of the old abbey

Electrical busbars and a danger of death

A swan does a one-legged swim

A Death Eater walks the path along the Little Ouse

A wrecked child's bicycle and a footbridge

Another subway under London Road

We walk back past a housing estate

A 'water boosting' station by the Little Ouse

A partially-submerged punt on the Little Ouse

A nice building near the bridge

The 1829 cast-iron bridge on Bridge Street

1960s buildings on Riverside Walk

Isobel peers over the bridge

A statue of Captain Mainwaring sits alone

Isobel on Bridge Street

There's a feeble attempt to do the love locks thing

Derelict rooms above some shops

St. Peter's Church on White Hart Street

Isobel checks out stuff in Iceland

The checkouts of Iceland in Thetford