The side field is all snowy

The side field is all snowy

Fred makes a large snowball

Harry's out on the field in the snow

Harry and The Roph have a snowball fight

Soph lines up a snowball

Harry's in an explosion of snow

The Cross Street bar in the Queen's Head, Eye

Some furious quizzing occurs

Mick the Brick checks out a quiz sheet

The band assembles for a photo

The Hartismere band, plus teachers

Fred watches as a selfie occurs

Fred in his 1950s-style band gear

The sports hall empties out

The orchestra pit needs a bit of a tidy-up

Harry and Isobel are in the Oaksmere

A fidget spinner does its thing

Fred spots a Brimstone butterfly

The Brimstone looks just like a leaf

Nosher and Mick are in the Yaxley Tree again