Evelyn, Isobel and Fred before their run

Evelyn, Isobel and Fred before their run

The runners head off through Blackrock Park

The derelict O'Neill and Son on Rock Road

The old carpenter's shop on the Rock Road

Booterstown's getting some sort of skate park

Another fancy building on Rock Road

An Edwardian building from 1907, now a takeaway

The Blackrock Martello tower

Fred ducks out of the second half of the run

Evelyn and Isobel get back from their run

Evelyn chats to a former Seafort Parade neighbour

Fred watches the sea

A DART train rumbles past

Evelyn and Isobel are in the sea again

A load of geese float around in Dublin Bay

Evelyn and Isobel get changed after their swim

Graffiti on the sea wall

Somebody's working inside the Martello tower

A cool 1987 Renault 4 post van on Idrone Terrace

Idrone Lane - the back alley behind the Breffni

Wandering up Bath Place to Main Street

The Breffni Bar

Inside the closed-up Breffni

A letter to customers is stuck up in the window

Another look at the Breffni

Fred has a slice of cake at Parlour Café

Late-Victorian buildings on Main Street

We poke around in Raven Books

Evelyn reads a book jacket

Outside Raven Books

The Bennett building has been nicely done up

Fred leans on the wall on Idrone Terrace

Harry makes some Lego thing

Fred does some Lego as well

Fred and Evelyn in the lounge

Some of Fred's pick'n'mix Lego

We're hanging around the bus shelter again

On York Road in Dun Laoghaire

Evelyn finds something amusing

There's a heron in the rocks

The heron takes flight over the sea

The new brutalist concrete 'baths'

A message for Monkey

Isobel and Evelyn roam around

The new Dun Laoghaire swimming area

Fred's training starlings

Starlings jump up for a bit of biscuit

Harry tries his Ninja moves on the starlings

We're in Rocket's for a bit of quick lunch

Harry's still messing around with his Lego

Harry blows straw-wrappers around

A boat sculpture at Dún Laoghaire

Republican graffiti on a wall

A funky graffiti tag on the DART wall

The other harbour at Dún Laoghaire

Louise and Fred hang around outside Nunki

Da Wheeze has a smoke by a heron mural

Classic Edwardian terraces off York Place

A big mural on a wall on York Road

Isobel roams around with a bubble tea in hand

Fred inspects his bubble tea

Back in Da Gorls' lounge

Harry and Isobel in Dublin Airport's Terminal 1

Fred by the Ryanair bag drop

Dublin's old terminal and control tower

Fred's scored another slice of pizza

Isobel checks something on her phone

It's relatively quiet in the terminal

Harry and Fred go backwards on the travelator

There's a big British Airways 777 on the stand

Funky disco runway lights

Clouds are eerily under-lit by Dublin's lights

We fly over a city somewhere in England

The plane parks up in the middle of nowehere

A stream of passengers disembarks the plane

Harry hauls away one of our cases

The hilarious 1p saving on a Duty Free offer

The newish multi-storey car park near the blue zone