The wasps' nest floors have supports

The wasps' nest floors have supports

Swirls of paper, like a raspberry ripple

Suey, Marc and The Boy Phil head up the road

Fred's got his fur-trpper hat on

The walkers roam the edge of a field in Oakley

Harry's picked up a very large stick

Through the woods on the other side of the river

Suey and Marc on the bridge by the Swan

We arrive at the pub

Phil and Suey are at the bar

Suey and Marc

Suey's got a good roll of the dice in Yahtzee

Harry gives it a look

The Boy Phil roams around with a pint

A view of Hoxne

Harry walks up the hill

Harry waits in a field

Isobel and Harry walk back

Rotten joists are replaced

The bedroom can be seen through the roof

A view of the sky through the dormer roof