Clearing out the late Grandad's bedroom

Clearing out the late Grandad's bedroom

A last-ever view of Grandad's flat

Downstairs in the lobby of Elizabeth Court

Cat really wants to get into the washing machine

There are some performing Christmas dogs in the Tree

Megan gives Charlie a haircut in the Cherry Tree

Rachel serves a customer

Somebody's doing VR in the bar

Fred and Harry in the Oaksmere again

Harry finds an amazing ice sculpture at the bus stop

Harry pokes his ice sculpture

Scaffolding is installed, so the roof can be fixed

The village hall bar floor is replaced

The roof is missing above the bar

Behind the bar at Brome Village Hall

There are some very rotten rafter feet to replace

Harry's in the side field

The old roof is completely wrecked

Clive photographs an artifact

A bit of old metal is found lying around

Harry and Fred on the field

Someone's having a bit of a burn-up

We stand around where the B-17 crashed

Fred sets up for a game of Yahtzee

Suzanne throws the dice