Felixstowe beach huts

Felixstowe beach huts

The former Bartlett Hospital up on the cliff

The Cliff Top Café

Isobel passes over a slice of Bakewell Tart

Fred's got a proper grump on

The impressive Harvest House on the clifftop

Harry and Isobel are on the beach

The clock tower of HArvest House

There's a bit of glass with an enigmatic 12 on

70s in-fill in the Spa Pavillion

A mash-up of 1930s and 1970s at the Spa Pavillion

A nice beach shelter on Undercliff Road West

The derelict Felixstowe Pier

Harry and Isobel under the pier

A view of Felixstowe from under the pier

We head off to the chipper to feed Fred

Harry looks out of the chip-shop window

The war memorial on Undercliff Road West

Two people on an otherwise-empty beach

The former Bartlett Hospital is now flats