McColls - the Blue Shop - is in some sort of statis

McColls - the Blue Shop - is in some sort of statis

Lucy - the one-eyed cat - is up a tree

Isobel and Fred do a bit of metal detecting

Lucy is really high up another tree

Molly Cat joins in with the tree climbing

Fred and Harry play Plop Trumps in the village hall

More games in the village hall

A cat legs it up the garden

A low sun through the trees

A perfectly-frosted spider web

A garden tortoise is covered in ice-fur

The olive tree has grown thorns

Molly the Mog looks around

Isobel's down at the bottom of the garden

There's a hare in a frosty field

Lucy watches us walk off around the fields

Chinner's old fence is in a bit of a state

Fred pokes a frosty plant

Rectory Road in Brome, near the church

Fred and Isobel walk up to the resevoir

Ducks walk across the ice

A view of the resevoir and the weak winter sun

More bird life on the frozen water

Fred stomps around looking for stones to throw

Isobel sticks her arms out

Fred stomps on some ice

Isobel pulls a sock up

Fred's found a nice run of very thick ice

Fred's head is a sheet of ice

Fred walks around the fields

There's a very faint fog-bow

Foggy trees on the Oaksmere's drive

Isobel on the Oaksmere's drive