Relatives, around 1920 or so

Relatives, around 1920 or so

The old man's dad? 1930s

Another mystery relative

An uncle perhaps, 1942

The floods of Church Fenton, 1950?

Trevor's younger brothers in the floods

One of Trevor's siblings

Another brother, in 1950

More siblings

One more brother

A wedding occurs

Grandad's grandad at a wedding

Trevor's parents at their wedding

A mystery relative

Trevor with parents and younger brothers

Trevor on a bike in Church Fenton, Yorkshire

Trevor in regulation PE kit, RAF Halton?

Trevor at RAF Halton, 1951

Some of the 69th Entry at Halton

3 Wing Armourers at RAF Halton, 1951

Possibly in Singapore

Trevor at a wedding, 1958?

Brandy chews something up

Brandy with a tennis ball

Brandy with a stuffed toy, 1982

In the snow at Ryles Park Road, Macclesfield

Lindisfarne, on Ryles Park Road, 1983

The lounge window at Lindisfarne

Brandy the labrador, 1984

Air Traffic teaching near Bath

At the London Air Traffic Control Centre, West Drayton

The old man supervises some radar training, 1998

A class of radar trainees, April 1998

Another suprvisor takes notes

A group of air traffic trainees, Bradford on Avon 1998

The old man with a dude and a cigar

On holiday in Mexico

Trevor and a colleague, Khazakstan

A room full of radar simulators

Prof. Sadikova Sanatorium near Almaty, Khazakstan

Somewhere else near Almaty in Khazakstan

Trevor's apartment in Amaty

Khazakstan snow

Trevor's mates do a sauna in Finland

The view from the flat in Vantaa, Helsinki

Another view from the apartments in Vantaa

The research vessel Meripelastus in Helsinki

Another view of the car park from the apartments

The old man's Vantaa flat

There's building work at Vantaa airport

Smoked fish for sale down at Helsinki harbour

Senate Square in Helsinki

Down at the harbour front in Helsinki

Café life in Helsinki

In the forests of Finland

A low sun through the pine trees

Up at Vantaa airport

The old man with a sprog

Sis and Nosher at Santa Park in November 1999

The old man somewhere

Trevor with Mel on holiday in Fiji

Trevor with Katie

On a ferry somewhere

Somewhere in Finland

Trevor and his students at Bailbrook College

A student group at Bailbrook College

A reunion at RAF Halton

RAF Halton reunion