The Boy Phil returns from the bar

The Boy Phil returns from the bar

Matthew and Jessica in Ampsersand's taproom

Paul hangs around

The Salvation Army band plays in the market place

Harry the Tycoon sits back during a Monopoly game

It's daylight so it's time for present opening

Harry works on a present

It's Isobel's turn to do a present

Fred's lock-picking kit from Sis and Grandma J

Isobel with a half pint in the Oaksmere's bar

Fred, Harry and Soph the Roph

Fred practices lock picking

Harry plays with a 3D-printed dragon model

Harry tries a Manga-drawing present

Skeleton trees on the Oaksmere's drive

Fred tips out some stuffing for Christmas dinner

Fred plants some hot chillies

Isobel tries out a Christmas metal detector

Molly Cat tries to eat Fred

Molly's up a tree

Molly has a doze in a favourite spot

Harry and Soph get ready for a game of D&D

Grace is Dungeon Master

A poster of Chippy the London seagull

Harry buys a radio-controlled car in Jarrold

Isobel buys a fancy new espresso machine

The ghostly remains of Topshop and Topman

Harry is Ask Italian in Chapelfield

The back entrance of the defunct Topshop

Harry and Fred wait for Nosher to buy new shoes

There's Queen Victoria postbox on King Street

Class 37 37608 'Andromeda' at Norwich station

The ancient Class 37 Andromeda by our train

Greater Anglia trains on the platform

The Wickham Skeith pudding is set alight