The parade assembles outside the Fire Station

The parade assembles outside the Fire Station

Bruce starts to assemble the parade

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts pile up behind the flag

Beavers lead the Scouts up Lambseth Street

Harry's Scout massive stomps up the road

The parade reaches the Town Hall

Various Scouts assemble by the War Memorial

Various Scouts hold on to flags

The Proctor of Eye does a speech

The Salvation Army band is in attendance

Dan Poulter, MP, heads the march off

The rest of the parade is ready to march off

The Scouts set forth again

The parade moves up Church Street

Church Street and the massed parade

The great and the good enter the church

The derelict council offices

Morrisons is shutting down the McColls Blue Shop

A new wooden fence goes up around Paddock House

The derelict Paddock House

Piles of bricks outside Paddock House

The Flag Bearers line up outside the church

The parade returns to the Town Hall

Doctor Dan chats to someone

The flags line up outside the Twon Hall

Soph the Roph looks back

The Mayor of Eye thanks the parade

The parade breaks up

Tea and biscuits are served in the Town Hall

Bruce chats to the Mayor of Eye

The town mace is abandoned by a sink

Eye's War Memorial

A bank of cloud has a curious hole in it

We find some mushrooms next to the Oaksmere

Isobel gets a close-up mushroom photo

A shaggy mushroom

A side view of the shaggy mushrooms

Isobel roams around looking for fungi