Diss bus station on Park Road

Diss bus station on Park Road

Harry and Isobel roam around in a sea of leaves

Suzanne and Fred chat by the photo board

Helen and Suzanne are doing teas and coffees

Suey, Phil, Alan and Wavy in the village hall

Food in the village hall

A couple from Elizabeth Court join the Saga table

Sis chats to Tara near the food

Harry's made a spider from sausages and teacakes

Oak shows off something on his phone

Harry keeps out of the way and reads a book

Mel and Emily arrive after being stuck in traffic

The ping-pong table is set up

Sis puts some chutney back as clear-up commences

Harry and Fred are playing table tennis

Emily looks at Grandad photos

Harry does 30 seconds of hoovering

John helps out with the hoovering

Fred sits in Grandad's spot and waves a stick

Fred's in the car park, still waving a stick

Sis comes out of Elizabeth Court with a microwave