Harry's in Flour and Bean Café, Diss

Harry's in Flour and Bean Café, Diss

Nosher and Isobal have a Cornish pastie for lunch

Alice and The Roph chat to Isobel

Harry points to some pumpkins in Morissons

Harry hangs around by giant pumpkins

Harry and Fred roam around a Beccles car park

We walk past the river in Beccles

The Beccles town sign

A nice repro sign for Smith and Eastaugh

A timber-framed house in Beccles

Some sort of derelict workshop

Prezzo is still going in the old Cinema

Beccle's church tower

We walk up to the end of Sheepgate

Golden leaves blow around on Sheepgate

We roam around in WHSmith

Isobel and the boys look at books in WHSmith

The town council offices near the bell tower

A reproduction milepost

A derelict cottage, part demolished

A cool old-school garage workshop

The gang walk over the bridge

The Sea Cadets' Training Ship Brave hut