Harry hangs around in the car park

Harry hangs around in the car park

A load of birds take to the air over the river

Harry's pack head off into Walberswick

There's a pause for a group photo

A high spring tide has flooded a bit of car park

The bridge to the beach is almost underwater

Walberswick houses on stilts

St. James Green is looking colourful

A view out to sea over beach huts

Isobel and Sis walk along the sea front

The outside of the Lord Nelson pub

Follow the rabbits to a craft fair

Isobel browses stuff in a craft fair

People take photos of a knitted pillar-box cosy

Sis and Isobel walk back to the clifftop

We get fish and chips from the pier café

Fred finds a dead hornet or something

We're at the Coastguard café at Dunwich Heath

We climb a tree as Isobel visits the bogs

People on the beach

Isobel actually has a go in the sea

Fred on the beach

A rickety fence along Dunwich beach

Fred investigates a bug-friendly pile of logs

We find some impressive unopened Fly Agarics

A pair of classic toadstools - Fly Agarics

Fred gets in close for a fungi photo

Fred and Isobel walk through the woods

Dunwich Heath

Harry and Fred meet up again and do some cubing

Harry stands around a pile of camping gear