It's a State Funeral overload on ITV

It's a State Funeral overload on ITV

A complicated bit of plumbing goes on

Harry's in the dentist's chair

We collect and wash a load of walnuts

The boys eat a sausage down by the Mere

Harry wistfully looks at pork pies in a fridge

Isobel check the menu out in Caféye

Emily, Mel and Isobel chat about stuff

Harry gets a cuddle outside the Co-op

Harry's got orange stuff on his face

Fred roams around in the Blue Shop

Isobel chats to the woman in the flower shop

Fred buys a tiny pumpkin

Grandad's empty lounge

The flat's tiny kitchen

The other side of Grandad's lounge

The war memorial on Angel Hill in Bury

Fiddlers play outside the Register Office

St. Edmundsbury Cathedral from the rose garden

The ruins of the old abbey

A sculpture of the Wolf of St. Edmund

A garden by the cathedral

The nave of St. Edmundsbury cathedral

There's a cool Lego model of the cathedral

A student plays Toccata and Fugue on the organ

Nosher lights a votive candle for the G-Unit

A lad plays drums in the cathedral

A stained glass window in the nave

A detail of stained glass

Part of the modern cloisters

Abbeygate Street in Bury

The classic Marks and Spencer in Bury

The Fox in Pakenham