The presentation at the town hall is ready

The presentation at the town hall is ready

Plans for possible cycle routes around Eye

A dude from British Cycling does a talk

There's a control tower on a factory

The massive Ever Golden at Felixstowe port

Isobel takes a photo of wooden stumps

A collection of wooden stumps on the shore

A juvenile gull sits on the beach

Languard Fort

The radar tower at the mouth of the Orwell estuary

An Evergreen ship docked at Felixstowe

Isobel leans into the wind

Isobel walks off the pontoon viewpoint

Some kind of TV interview is filmed

Isobel stomps into the wind

There's a large driftwood log on the shore

Brutalist concrete towers on Languard Fort

A tangle of grey dock cranes

A concrete lookout hut

A bench with some flowers

Landguard Fort is annoyingly closed for the day

Flags fly over the fort

The Fantasia amusement arcade on the seafront

We get an ice cream

Felixstowe pier

Amusement rides outside the pier

Isobel roams around in the amusement arcade

1960s apartments near the beach

The pier, contra jour

The grand frontage of Felixstowe Pier

A bit of 1950s glass surrounded by modernism

A pair of skeletons look out from a balcony

A 1970s classic Wilco motorist discount store

A fire escape that goes nowhere

The derelict Marlborough Hotel on the seafront

The hotel's derelict front entrance

The frontage of the Marlborough Hotel

The hotel has an optimistic 'LA Lounge Bar'

Shelters on the seafront

The 1930s Regal fish bar's clock is actually right

Grooveyard Record shop's front window

Isobel buys a record in the shop next door

Onion Records: a cool vinyl and CD shop

Felixstowe's High Street

A long-derelict Burton and Dorothy Perkins

Another 1960s building - now a Tesco Express

The old-school Palace Cinema and bingo

The view from our café stop

A bus, and the greengrocer next door

We have lunch at a café

Felixstowe even has a Wimpy

Isobel gets some Slimming World stuff in Iceland

A Victorian chip shop on Victoria Street